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Reach For The Rings

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After prevailing at their own National Championships, the top Functional Fitness athletes from around the world converge on Malmo, Sweden to compete in the 2019 iF3 World Championships. 

Over three days, these athletes face 6 harrowing “tests” in order to crown the World Champions in the Women’s, Men’s, and Teams divisions. Each of the 6 tests challenges a different aspect of fitness: Endurance, Strength, Bodyweight, Skill, Mixed, and Power. 

The USA Functional Fitness Team are here for redemption after dominating at home in 2017 and facing disappointment in London in 2018.  Coach Justin Cotler plans to stage a comeback and sweep the podium in 2019.

Canada’s Alex Parker is here on a personal quest to defeat her “frenemy” and rival, American Jordan Adcock, who lives in the same town, trains at the same gym, and shares the same coach.  They’re neck and neck in every test.

The sport of Functional Fitness wants to be an Olympic sport.  These 46 National Federations around the globe have banded together in order to “Reach For The Rings” and achieve their Olympic dream.

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