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We make films about the sport of Functional Fitness.

Reach For The Rings director Nic Nakis was one of the first people to compete in the sport of fitness back in the early 2000s at CrossFit North in Seattle. In 2018, he approached the International Functional Fitness Federation with the idea of creating a documentary about the Olympic movement in fitness. In 2019, the USA Functional Fitness team brought him to Sweden for the iF3 World Championships. With the help of 4 other camera operators at the event, he was able to cover the event on no budget. Nakis edited and voiced the film from 65 hours of crowdsourced footage and released it in partnership with Gravitas Ventures, the largest distributors of independent films and documentaries.

Watch out next year for Reach For The Rings 2 and more to come in the future…

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