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Reach For The Rings 2

Check out these previews from the upcoming Reach For The Rings 2, featuring top iF3 athletes Kristin Holte (Norway) and Marcis Mucenieks (Latvia).

Reach For The Rings 2 begins with the online-only iF3 competitions of 2020, including the iF3 World Cup and the iF3 Continental Cup. Footage from these web-streamed events is enhanced by a series of Zoom interviews with some of the major players from amongst the organizers and athletes of the iF3.

The bulk of the film covers the return to live competitions in 2021 after a series of cancellations amidst the second year of global pandemic. Filming took place at the 2021 iF3 World Championships in Sweden, where the USA’s all-military team of 4 (drawn from the US Army Warrior Fitness Team) took on the legendary Norwegian Functional Fitness Team, and Kristin Holte finished her career in style with a World Championship title (spoiler alert!)

The film concludes at the 2021 iF3 Masters Worlds in Egypt where athletes from 22 countries, ages 30 to 70, came to compete. This section features interviews and coverage of top masters athletes like Gintas Petrikas (Lithuania) and Tony Kurz (USA).

This is a truly independent, completely bootstrapped film with no major sponsors or revenue streams other than the direct support of viewers like you. If you’d like to support the creation of Reach For The Rings 2 (and future documentaries covering the sport of Functional Fitness), please become a member on Director Nic Nakis’s Patreon page in either the “Functional Fitness Supporter” or “Independent Films Supporter” categories.

This is the story of a sport fighting to exist and to continue its mission in defiance of every obstacle, at a time when a global pandemic shut down the planet, social upheavals in the USA grabbed the world’s attention, athletes lost the ability to train, event after event was canceled, and governments took away our ability to travel and congregate.   

In spite of all these challenges, the iF3 prevailed.  The process of Olympic recognition continued, new national federations were created, and World Champions were declared, because the truest test in the sport of Functional Fitness is longevity.

Featuring interviews with:

Jessica Coughlan (Australia), Stephane Cossette (Canada), Anders Behrman (iF3), Gretchen Kittelberger (iF3), Marcis Mucenieks (Latvia), Uldis Upenieks (Latvia), Kristin Holte (Norway), James Fitzgerald (iF3), Sam Smith (Coach), Kason Morris (USAFF), Mel Robinson (iF3), Henry Torano (PRF3), Ernesto Velez (PRF3), Morten Rausch (Norway), Matilde Garnes (Norway), Guy Le Grand Kokilo (CentralAfricanFF), Dieu Sessewa (Central African Republic), Nelli Nurmi (Finland), Romain Felloneau (France), Veronique Paquette (CanadaF3), Fauzi ElArbi (LibyaF3), Alexandra Suso (Puerto Rico), Charlie Karlsson (Sweden), Tim Holmgren (Sweden), Elin Ericson (Sweden), Nathalia Mencari (Brazil), Michael Tellado (Puerto Rico), Ingrid Hodnemyer (Norway), Lena Richter (Norway), Joel Bergander Lundblad (Sweden), Ashley Shepherd (USA), Carlos Albaladejo (USA), Jacob Pfaff (USA), Rachel Vonderach Schreiber (USA), Angelica Bengtsson (Sweden), Jenny Beckman (SWE3F), Tamas Pleso (Hungary), Alexey Barimov (RussiaFF), Antonia Kottulinsky (Sweden), Anna Viggedal (Sweden), Max Olivestrand (Sweden), Oscar Gillstrom (Sweden), Seher Kaya (Norway), Elvind Dahl Ringard (Norway), Nicolay Billaudel (Norway), Jan Matiaska (Switzerland), Moritz Fiebig (Germany), Irinia Funtikova (Russia), Adam ElZoghby (EgyptF3), Gintas Petrikas (Lithuania), Martin Tunborg (Sweden), Ekramy Tantawy (Egypt), Tony Kurz (USA)

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